Some Of My Restorations

1971 VW Westfalia

1975 VW Westfalia

66 VW Beetle Restored April 2013

66 VW Beetle Restored Oct. 2012

1968 VW Beetle Convertible

1966 VW Beetle Restored May 2011

1958 Euro Specification VW Beetle Restored Aug. 23, 2009

1965 Beetle restored April 2009

1965 Beetle Restored 2008

1971 Alfa Romeo Spider Restoration completed in 2007

1973 Super Beetle Restored 2007

1973 Super Beetle Restored 2007

1962 Beetle Restored 1992

My first real camper (Snoopy's Dog House) built on my 72 Ranchero.

It was home made complete with a TV antenna, running water, bunk beds, VW Beetle gas heater, vinyl shutters, vinyl siding, and of course a chimney.

During the Summer of '72' I installed my '71' Yamaha 33 hp snowmobile engine into my Rupp mini bike. Needless to say the power increased quite a bit from the stock 4 1/2 hp engine. I had to be very careful even at high speeds because any throttle increase would lift the front end off the road. The weight was off balance as you can see in the above photos. It was one heck of a ride though.

My first car. 1957 Fiat G1100.

1933 Ford V8 pickup. My first restoration.

I sold it to a trucking company and they painted it red to match the rest of their fleet.

1921 Ford Model T. I loved this one. I also had a restored 1923 at the same time.

1923 Ford Model T

The 1921 and 1923 T's together

1941 Lasalle.

1961 Beetle

1974 VW 412. This was my daughter Heidi's first car.

Dune Buggy I made in 1979. I even made the wheels. The center sections were made from 1/2" steel plate and then welded to standard outer rims

Chopper I built in 1971